Project Purpose

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The aim of the project is to create an ecologically-sustainable community of integrative medicine and alternative therapy practitioners:

  • Create a consortium of like-minded health professionals to acquire property
  • Dedicate one half of the property to the Lagoa Azul Spa & Clinic [project working name]
  • Finance the construction of a center for advanced alternative health practice and on-premises sustainable community

Like-Minded Professionals

Following are examples of the types of professional practices we wish to attract to the Center:

Integrative Medicine Ayurvedic center
Detox - clay, chelation, etc. Weight loss clinic
Cosmetic surgery Stress reduction & deep relaxation
Ozone therapy Natural hormone replacement
Macrobiotic & probiotic nutrition Hypnotherapy
Smoking and addiction cessation Massage therapy
Yoga classes Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Consortium By-Laws

In the spirit of preserving the special nature of the project, we intend to incorporate the following provisions in the consortium's by-laws:

  • Partnership first right of refusal. At such time one of the partners wishes to sell his equity of the project, existing owners shall have the first right to buy out the owner's stake.
  • Resale of a stake in the property requires the consensus of all existing partners.
  • Provisions concerning the development of property within the guidelines of ecological sustainability.
  • It is easily foreseeable that one or more owners may wish to develop facilities to accommodate guest or tenant practitioners that integrate well with the spirit of the Center