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We are creating an ecologically-conscious, planned, water front community where tourists and expatriates can enjoy the best integrative healthcare services available in a beautiful and relaxing environment.

The property is located 6.5 km west of downtown Camocim (as the crow flies), in the state of Ceará, Brazil. We call it Lagoas do Maceió because it is just south of Praia do Maceió. The 69.5 hectare property is nestled alongside the east shore of Lagoa Boqueirão (Abyss Lake). The south east frontier of the property is easily accessible from Camocim airport (9 km).

Camocim is located in the northeast coast of Brazil, and about 3 hours by car from Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará.

The lake is lined with a sugary beach all around and the north shore leads to a surreal stretch of dunes and freshwater oases (called lagoas) that span 2 km to the Atlantic Ocean. The property is 5 km due south of the Atlantic Ocean. Both on the lake and the ocean, endless water activities await you. A steady Atlantic breeze tames the hot sun, and reef and rock formation create pools of warm water that are perfect for swimming.

Our group of architects, landscape designers, and ecology experts are designing a dramatic and inviting development in the hottest real estate market on the planet. Set among countless species of birds, butterflies, fish, aquatic plants, and other wildlife, nature preservation is, and always will be, an integral part of this unique community.

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