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Lagoas do Maceió

We are creating an ecologically-conscious, planned, water front community where tourists and expatriates can enjoy the best integrative healthcare services available in a beautiful and relaxing environment.

The property is located 6.5 km west of downtown Camocim (as the crow flies), in the state of Ceará, Brazil. We call it Lagoas do Maceió because it is just south of Praia do Maceió. The 69.5 hectare property is nestled alongside the east shore of Lagoa Boqueirão (Abyss Lake). The south east frontier of the property is easily accessible from Camocim airport (9 km).

Camocim is located in the northeast coast of Brazil, and about 3 hours by car from Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará.

The lake is lined with a sugary beach all around and the north shore leads to a surreal stretch of dunes and freshwater oases (called lagoas) that span 2 km to the Atlantic Ocean. The property is 5 km due south of the Atlantic Ocean. Both on the lake and the ocean, endless water activities await you. A steady Atlantic breeze tames the hot sun, and reef and rock formation create pools of warm water that are perfect for swimming. Read more...



The aim of the project is to create an ecologically-sustainable community of integrative medicine and alternative therapy practitioners:

  • Create a consortium of like-minded health professionals to acquire property
  • Dedicate one half of the property to the Lagoa Azul Spa & Clinic [project working name]
  • Finance the construction of a center for advanced alternative health practice and on-premises sustainable community

Like-Minded Professionals

Following are examples of the types of professional practices we wish to attract to the Center:

Integrative Medicine Ayurvedic center
Detox - clay, chelation, etc. Weight loss clinic
Cosmetic surgery Stress reduction & deep relaxation
Ozone therapy Natural hormone replacement
Macrobiotic & probiotic nutrition Hypnotherapy
Smoking and addiction cessation Massage therapy
Yoga classes Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine


Advantages of this Investment

This is a unique opportunity directed to the medical market. This investment is outstanding because of its financial value and because of the caliber of physicians it represents.

The property is strategically located by its proximity to North America and Europe (6 hours from Miami, 7.5 hours from Paris), and therefore is the gateway to Brazil for medical tourism from these important markets.

The price obtained for this property is at least fifty percent below the market price in the area, creating an instant gain in value from the start.

This investment can be made by one physician or a combination of various professionals who would like to participate in such a project.

Project Startup Costs

556,000 BRL is the purchase price to acquire the land. An additional 7% for the estimated for taxes, title fees, and other costs not included in the purchase price of the property, brings the total estimated cost to 594,920 BRL.

One half of the capital (297,460 BRL) is already secured by a North American group. We are seeking interested medical partners to participate in this project to contribute the other 50%. Participation will be equitable in proportion with the number of doctors participating in the group.

Thus, the consortium shall raise capital of 297,460 BRL (approx. 169,000 USD).

We wish to keep the title in the name of the consortium to keep the land contiguous, rather than dividing it into smaller lots. Thus, the initial goal is to purchase the land, since it is time-sensitive. After this is accomplished, we may begin work on the next phase of the development project.

The process will be mediated by a law firm in São Paulo that also has an office in Miami and that is experienced in handling real estate transactions in Brazil and America. The law firm will receive and escrow the necessary funds until closing.

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